Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Rose at 3 weeks

Our littlest is finally getting out of that "womb stage" and becoming VERY alert and active during the day.  We are so blessed she still knows her days from her nights.  I don't think there could be an easier baby, ever.  She is on my lap as I type and just staring at me and flashing me a smile here and there.  I live in a constant state of surreal dreams.  (Well, until that rare moment that both are screaming and then I kind of get jolted in the realities of motherhood!)  ;)

At 3 Weeks, Rose is:

  • Still in size newborn diapers and clothes
  • Past her birth weight by now, and I bet over 7 lbs! (At her two week well-check last Tuesday, she was 6 lbs 15oz)
  • In the 75% for height.  Some of her newborn clothes are too short already!
  • Loving to stay awake for several hours, watching us go about our day.  She loves watching Grey.
  • Adored by Grey.  Although we have had our few incidents here and there (mostly when Grey is upset with me, and not Rose), Grey has mostly been obsessively in love with her sister.  She helps feed, change, bathe little sister, as well as talks to and kisses her ALL day long.  Her version of "hi baby" makes my heart skip a beat over and over.  
  • She is eating about 2.5 ounces now, and even wakes up crying to eat.  I was worried we would always have to set alarms.  
  • Only fussy when she is cold (undressed) or hungry.
  • The cutest little bather.  She enters a trance-like state and just LOVES her baths.  If the weather wasn't so cold and dry, I would give her multiple baths a day. 

Auntie Charys came to visit us from Saturday night through Sunday.  Even though it was a short stay, we absolutely LOVED having her here.  Grey has such a strong love for Charys, not even her parents can attempt prying her from Charys' arms.  Charys agrees with our verdict: Rose is simply the most amazing baby on earth.

Yesterday was my first Monday all alone with both girls (Tisha was here last Monday).  Not only did we survive, we thrived.  I was SO grateful for the Lord giving us a beautiful and wonderful day!  I also moved the changing table and a few things into the nursery, and started a playroom in Grey's room with the extra space.  We plan to paint the nursery next week.  I am bothered by it not being done yet, but financially the adoption had us a little behind, making our nursery a "work in progress".

I hope to get her weekly pictures taken on the changing table each week.  I think it's a fun idea that will allow us to see growth changes.  I am sad I haven't done a great job of blogging a TON of photos, but to be honest I feel like my hands are pretty full with two kiddos and a home business!

Here are a few from the week:

Commit your works to the LORD, and your thoughts will be established.  Proverbs 16:3

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