Friday, June 25, 2010

Baby Room Update and Maternity Photos

Holden's furniture and bedding have both arrived! I REALLY love them and am excited to get his nursery started. These pictures are CERTAINLY preliminary and just a taste of what his room will eventually look like. I have SO much work to do and can't believe I'm brave enough to post these pictures on the INTERNET without it being anywhere near 1/2 way done! The bedding is NOT ironed and isn't even on the crib correctly. What kind of mama posts unironed bedding pictures?? Guess this mama does. I got too ansy to post pics finally....and too lazy to decorate and iron first. ;)

ALSO....yesterday we had the awesome opportunity to take our maternity pictures with Tisha and Jim Shuffield (check out their work at! They met us in San Angelo and dealt with the extremely complicated/non-models that we are and the sweltering 100+ degree heat, yet STILL made it FUN to shoot and captured some super shots!!!! They truly are gifted and blessed at what they do. I can't wait to see all the pics! =) We also were able to hang out with the Shields while we were there, which is always the best! The Shields graciously "dressed" us (I borrowed a dress and jewelry from Stormy and Chet borrowed a shirt from James Allen), Stormy did my hair, and they let us use Asher's toys as props for the shoot...we couldn't ask for better friends! Chet and I are both kind of under the weather (a lovely summer cold), so I am praying we didn't spread germs to the Shuffields or Shields!

We drove back to Snyder late last night. I was so tired but just couldn't sleep because I felt such an awesome amount of gratitute for such wonderful friends. It was such an overwhelming feeling to know that we probably will never repay our kind friends for what they have done for us, and the friendship they give to us. We.Are.Blessed.Indeed. We love you Shuffields and Shields!

On to photos I suppose:

This is the changing table and hutch. The changing pad cover is not ironed and is over an old pillow. Also, I will decorate and re-arrange stuff on the hutch soon. This was just to put something up there for now. We will have a lamp on one of the shelves and stuff on top.

This is his crib and bedding. I will remove the candelabra above and his name will be written with Uppercase Living letters. We are still in a big debate over re-painting the room a light elephant grey. Opinions?! PLEASE let me know!

Night stand and where the glider/rocker and ottomon will eventually go. The chair is there to just "guage" room size. Also, the night stand will look like a baby's room night stand soon. Those items were just sitting on Chet's old dresser in the room before, and needed a temporary home.
View when you walk in. This is why I may paint it grey to neutralize it a bit.

This is a sneak peak of the shoot. Isn't it fun!? ;)

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