Sunday, June 13, 2010

First stay in a hospital

I'll start from the beginning I suppose, since this is a journal for Holden one day. On Wednesday evening I tripped going upstairs (yes, it takes special talent to be as clumsy as I am) at the bowling alley. We were with our UB students, so I didn't really think anything of it since it wasn't a bad fall, although it caused a lot of sharp pains in my abdomen. The pains didn't go away the next day and Holden didn't move that night, so I called my doctor's office on Thursday morning. They said a nurse would call me back, but I was so busy on Thursday with work that I didn't get a chance to answer their calls.

SO, by Friday (my only day off of the week), I didn't think anything of it and was just planning to spend the entire day cleaning my house and getting caught up. [Working as many hours as I do in the summer program, my house greatly suffers!] Well, a nurse called me so I called her back Friday morning. (I didn't want to leave them hanging...that would be rude.) I told her I was fine, that Holden started moving again and that the sharp pains had subsided. She said, "Great!" and we just hung up. No big deal. I felt all had been solved and that I was just going to continue cleaning that morning. 15 minutes later my phone rings from my doctor's office AGAIN. The nurse told me Dr. Perales insisted that I go up there to get checked. I thought it would be a ridiculous waste of time, since we are 90 miles away from Lubbock and I felt fine. (Yes, I told the nurse all that!) She told me Dr. Perales was insistent and that I needed to head to Labor & Delivery at Covenant asap. I hung up frustrated, since I had already been to Lubbock FIVE (yes, 5) times this week with work, etc. I called Chet and told him; he said the same thing, that it would be a waste of time and they'd let us go in 5 minutes after laughing at how unnecessary it was that I was there. He reluctantly decided to go with me...well I had to beg a lot before he did. I didn't want to experience L&D by myself for the first time. ;) Of course we didn't pack a single thing and I went with my greasy ponytail and just a little mascara on. Lovely.

They hooked me up to a contraction monitor and baby's heartbeat monitor when we got there. I was just in the "check up room" (I don't know the official name of the room) and just KNEW I'd be let go in a few minutes. The nurse (sweet Stacy!) told me if I had any contractions, Dr. Perales would make me stay overnight. They made me drink two glasses of apple juice and a cup of water so that I wouldn't get any false contractions due to being dehydrated. I told them I'd drink 10 cups of water if it kept me from having to stay. So hooked up we were. Chet left to get us some lunch because I was very hungry and grumpy by then.

Well, it turned out I was having contractions. My luck. SO...they drew 5 vials of blood, did a whole bunch of those fun "exams" and took those "fun" specimens (you moms out there know what I'm talking about). I was staying overnight. :(

I sent (again, BEGGED) Chet to go buy me some basics (i.e. makeup and a toothbrush). My sweet friend Stormy apparently had to guide him on the phone on what to buy. (THANKS STORMY!) My skin is very sensitive, so I was just hoping it would be okay with whatever he brought back, since I usually use Arbonne. [Never did really use the makeup, but I did appreciate the toothbrush!] I have a sweetie pie husband when he wants to be. ;)

While Chet was away they hooked me up to my very first IV. I guess they wanted me to get the full affect of being hospitalized, because I really think that wasn't necessary.

I was monitored and moved to room 315 overnight. The nurses were all precious and kind, so they made my stay very nice. They also all told me that Holden's heartrate was like a 34-week gestation baby, so that was very reassuring and wonderful to hear. Holden's heart is HEALTHY!!

In one of the urine samples they found blood though, so they thought I might have had a bladder infection as well. I don't have a bladder infection, but there is some "infection" they couldn't find. They started me on antibiotics for that.

The night was LONG, since I am a light sleeper and can't sleep with an IV and three monitors all hooked up, plus a nurse visiting every hour on the hour. I actually have NO idea how people ever sleep in a hospital bed. My husband sleeping on the couch besides me did not have a difficult time sleeping though, as his snoring was entertaining at least. ;) I am PRAYING that Holden gets his daddy's sleeping habits and NOT mine!

My contractions subsided by early the next morning (Saturday), so they said I could be discharged if Holden's ultrasound looked good. They wanted to make sure he wasn't in distress and that my amniotic fluid and cervix all looked ship shape. The u/s tech was nice enough to take a picture of his face for us. He always seems to be too curled up for a good face shot, so I was glad to get a decent-ish profile of our little guy.

We were discharged by the early afternoon. YAY for going H O M E! THANK YOU EVERYONE for all the prayers, love, sweet words and encouragement!! Y'all mean so much to us and we know God is the reason everything is okay! I am supposed to "take it easy" and drink lots of I should be peeing every hour. I am going to try to follow my doctor's orders, as I do not want to spend another night in the hospital. Plus, we certainly need Holden to grow for a LONG time more before making his appearance!! It's really tough for me to not do as much, but I am making a real effort to do that. Holden is the most important person to me right now, and I need to rest for him. :) I go back for a "check up" sometime this next week, probably Thursday. They'll check on my cervix/contractions/infection and make sure all is still okay.

We attended the beautiful wedding of Bo and Jami's last night after coming home, but still ended up in bed at a decent hour. We slept 7 hours last night, which was the most I've had in about 2 weeks; SUCH A BLESSING!! I feel great today!

We sadly missed our nephew Asher's first birthday party in San Angelo, but we will see him soon to give him birthday hugs!

Our second week of the summer program starts tomorrow, so I plan to get to bed SOON! We work 7 days this upcoming week, and will be in San Antonio for the last couple.

This is a picture of our sweet little Holden at 27 weeks 4 days old on June 12, 2010. He weighed 2 lbs. 11 oz. Take a look at those CHUNKY cheeks!! He's already got his parents' cheeks. ;) I always love an opportunity to see our precious son! He's already changed us and is such a blessing!! Yep, that would be my very first IV ever. I was told I have small veins and that it was a pain to put it in. I would say it was definitely more of a pain on me lol! ;)
This is proof that I should ALWAYS wear makeup and wash my hair...even when I am just taking a day to clean the house and get caught up. You never know what you will be doing. :) I had to document it though, since it was my first day/night in a hospital ever.

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