Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The rest of our maternity photos!

Check them out at!

Almost 10 years ago I met the Shuffield family in Brady, TX. I know there are a few people God has put into my life that I will forever be grateful for, and the Shuffields are certainly on top of that list. Tisha, Jimmy Jim, Garrett and Riley quickly became like family to me. I guess there are no words for how much they've helped me. In a short synapses, they became my FAMILY; they are the reason I was able to get into Texas Tech University and attend school for four years there, they have encouraged me, taught me, lifted me up (even when I didn't deserve it!), listened to me, forgiven me, been there for me and basically done everything else they could do for me.

Now, they have been the ones to document our pregnancy journey through their amazing photography skills. Can I say I'm BLESSED?! Chet and I do NOT make easy models to work with, yet they still made our shoot so fun.

Check out their work! You won't be disappointed. You'll be in awe!

We love you guys and can't wait for you to meet Holden! Maybe he'll be blessed enough to learn some things from Garrett and Riley!

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