Monday, June 7, 2010

Busy Update

These last few days have been a blur of activity for us. Last week was the week before our Upward Bound summer program, so we were just getting ready for that. Our AC has been out for the past several days (crossing our fingers that it will be fixed by tomorrow), so with these abnormally high temperatures, I'm learning how being pregnant in the summer is. Saturday and Sunday were over 100 degrees (Saturday was literally 110!) and today is in the high 90's at least. We've been sleeping with our windows all open, which Henri thinks is awesome! She gets to come and go oustide as she pleases. We happen to not find the heat at night quite as awesome.

Saturday I took two UB students to the Lubbock airport to fly to Washington D.C. While I was in Lubbock, I also went to my good friend Kimberly's baby shower. It was the most elegant shower I've ever been to, and I was SO glad to get the opportunity to visit with Kimberly and see her getting spoiled with baby stuff for her upcoming little boy, Kayden! After the shower, I enjoyed lunch with one of my very best friends, Valerie, and her husband Jerrod and their new little baby Jett Grayson. Jett is so stinking precious I can't even tell ya! What a fun afternoon it was to catch up with Val and hold such a sweet little baby! All these BABY BOYS!! Since one should never waste the opportunity to shop while in Lubbock, of course I did a little of that before heading home. ;)

Sunday was our 2nd anniversary and also the official start of the UB summer program. We went to church and then spent the rest of the day with our Upward Bound students. The Welcome BBQ turned out great, although very nice and HOT outside. This is a pic of me on Sunday before heading to the college....27 weeks pregnant.

Today we were back in Lubbock for several doctor appointments. I had my glucose test early and then visited with Dr. Perales. Baby Holden seems to be doing wonderful and now my appointments will be every two weeks. We have set an official "induction date" if he doesn't come any sooner: September 1st!! It's SOOOOO exciting to know we are less than three months away (86 days, but who's counting, right?)!! I love that his birthday might be exactly one month before his daddy's birthday (Chet's is October 1st). We also spoke with an anesthesiologist about getting an epidural. Dr. Perales had mentioned since the beginning of my pregnancy that because I broke my neck back in 2008, I may not be a good candidate for an epidural. This scared me to say the least...I am NOT a hero or a natural birth champion...I am a WIMP actually and really wanted an epi to help me ENJOY his birth. Well....the anesthesiologist is my HERO today!!! He said there is a 95% chance that I will be receiving an epi, so now I officially feel "ready" for Holden to get here!! YAY! =) All that done and then Chet and I celebrated by buying Holden's crib mattress and eating at Olive Garden (Olive Garden probably doesn't help at all since I'm about 4 lbs. above the maximum weight gain so far, but it was sure tasty!!).

We are sadly going to head back up to Lubbock TOMORROW (yes, again) for a memorial service. Our good friends, the Andrews, lost their daughter Sharyl to cancer. I say "lost", but I probably should say that she is now with her Saviour. We are SO sad for the Andrews and know there is nothing we can do but pray for them. Sharyl is out of pain and reunited with her King and Lord, but the pain the Andrews are feeling must be so incredible. I am sad every time I think of them.

Needless to say, I have the VERY MOST AMAZING BOSS AND JOB in the entire world. We are in the insanely hectic start of our Upward Bound summer program, and she is willing to let me go to Lubbock and be off all day today and all of tomorrow afternoon. I can't be more thankful to be in a job with such a caring, loving, understanding boss.

On a happy note: our bedding should be here by Thursday this week; it's shipping out tomorrow from Canada. I'll post pictures of it as soon as it arrives.

The rest of this week should just be tons of work. I will be catching up quite a bit from all this time away. I love our summer'll make this pregnancy fly by even faster!

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