Saturday, December 18, 2010

Phoenix pics

Our Santa Fe pics are a bit late, but we have been doing other stuff lately! :)

The first two are the only ones my husband had time to edit and look at himself.  So they are posted first.  Don't tell him I posted all the others, okay? :)

The Bohnett clan, minus only a few members.
 Mikey, Nat & Grace during the hike
 Cohen just chillaxin' at the BBQ on Friday
 Kayson enjoying some of the yummy food
 Sky and Sadie (a few oranges were actual ripe enough to eat, so we enjoyed)
 Sadie ;)  (I simply love this picture)
 Ellie and Kayson playing ball (I think they didn't correspond about which sport they were playing though)
 Pretty Ellie
 Kayson loved the tree!
 Pretty sisters
 Hostess of the weekend, our sweet and beautiful cousin Paula
 Nothing like baby sugars, my adorable nephew and me
 He watched the big kids play, so I guess he wanted to as well
 I don't know what we were looking at, but boy oh boy, all that excitement in our faces... ;) ha
 Gramps and Ned, the two BBQ Masters
 Charys and her littlest cuddling
 It was also Heidi's birthday
 Hike Saturday morning
 The crew who took the hike
 Now Chet took this picture resting while some of the brave ones ascended that thing.  I did and actually lived to tell about it.
 Chet's view of us at the top
 Aunt Nikki and me descending
 Natalie is fearless and such a hiker.  Although I think she was running to get some water! :)
 View of Phoenix
 At the train park.  Kayson loved it!
 Meems and I after the mountain climb
 Cousins Mikey and Cohen
 Yellowy picture of Grandpa and his grand-daughters and great grand-daughters                                                 
 Charys and Ellie opening presents
 What Bohnett reunion would be complete without a little political drama?  Grace opened this book given by relatives who wish to remain anonymous.
 On the drive home (LONG drive home), we stopped at the Meteor Crater in Winslow, AZ.  Proved to be an interesting hole in the ground, but an even better rest stop. :)
 My handsome man with the peaks near Tuscon framed in the background