Friday, April 15, 2011

Family matters

I can finally, oficially announce that I will be an auntie yet again!!  My baby brother is having a little girl in September! :)  Well, his beautiful wife, Charity, is!  :)  We are thrilled for them!!  I have to include this photo (sorry if this is not okay with you's always more fun to beg forgiveness than ask permission) of the cutest couple:

Did you just roll your eyes?  Because I did.  I went through the dozens of stinkin' adorable photos they have, and I started to ask myself if I could really love a sister-in-law who is THAT  ;)  [I tried to find one that wasn't so perfect, to no avail.]  Then I knew, "Of course I can!  She is just as pretty in the INSIDE!"  I LOVE YOU CHARITY!  

Won't my NIECE be amazing?!?!  This will be my first NIECE, so I am stoked.  All those adorable places like Couture Blessings, Marina's Monogramming, etc that I have always wanted to spend a fortune at...well now I can!

Chet is the baby of his family, which means that the nephews and niece we have on his side are it.  No mas nephews and nieces from the Erwin side.  (Unless we all are in for a big surprise one day ha!)    My twin has two PRECIOUS sons, who are apples of my eyes, but their family is complete.  So I now have to rely on Joel and Charity for any additional auntie surprises! :) 

I look forward to 9-10-11 (or whenever God wants her to arrive) to hold and kiss my little niece.


  1. congrats- and thanks for the shout out! hope the auction goes WONDERFULLY tomorrow:)

  2. Thank you Sarah for posting this! You are such a blessing - I can't wait for Hannah to meet you.