Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Happy 2 Months to our little JOY!

I think it's funny that as soon as I "pose" Grey, she refuses to smile, look at the camera, and usually ends up screaming.  I mean, this kid is a HAM when a camera is not in her face.  I just laughed after today's attempt.  She's probably payback for all the years of hating photos myself.  At any rate...this might be a fun collection of "blooper outtakes" by her first birthday.  =)

And just for some heart stopping comparison, here's the SAME outfit at 1 week old:

Look at those itty bitty legs!  My heart nearly couldn't even post this.  It's really just too much.  Where have the days and TWO MONTHS gone?!?  
What can I say, Grey gains weight in her legs.  She comes by it honestly. ;)

At 2 months old sweet baby, you:
  • Wear 0-3 and 3 month outfits.  In fact, I think Carter's outfits have to run small, because I've put you in some 6 month outfits!  I won't accept the fact that they run normal, or that Carter's possibly determines baby sizing. 
  • Wear size 1 diapers.  This was a big step for us, since you were in newborns for so long.
  • Roll over to get toys.  You have always rolled a lot, but you are doing it more to get to toys too, not just people.
  • Eat about 3 ounces per meal.  You can definitely eat more than that, but with your reflux, we sometimes can only feed you 1-2 ounces at a time.  You are eating quite often day and night now, but we know it is worth it to help you to grow.
  • Laugh!  I love to hear you laugh each morning, and sometimes throughout the day! :)  I doubt there's a sweeter sound on earth than your squeaky laughs.
  • Sleep up to 4 hours at night, although you usually wake up more often than that.  You could probably sleep through the entire night though, if we were able to give you a bottle until you were full.  You wake up hungry a couple times at night since we only give you small amounts at a time.  
  • Notice animals and objects around you.  This was the first week you have really stared and cooed at our pets.  So cute!  You and Henri had a stare down yesterday.  
  • Notice a "cute baby" in the mirror.  You smile at her each day. ;)
  • Weigh 9 pounds!  Sigh.
  • Started sucking your thumb more.  You had only sucked your pacis for the last few weeks, but you found your thumbs again.  
  • Love to bounce!  If we hold you in a standing position, you jump up and down and smile.  Such strong legs!
  • Love to listen to and watch your Praise Baby and Mighty God DVDs.  They are the only thing on tv you focus on.
  • Love outside time!  When reflux makes you feel bad, outside time is often the only thing that can calm you.  You and I try to spend some time outside right at dawn when Daddy goes to work, so we can listen to the birds and sounds of nature in the cool of the morning.  We love this time together!
I will say this every month, but I just cannot get enough of loving on our sweet girl.  She is the most snuggly, cuddly baby who still wants to be held all the time, which is great with me!

This photo is bad "quality", but I can't help but share it.  This is the exact sweetness I stare into each time we snuggle.  That face melts me.  There's a reason she ends up in our bed...you try to say no to that!

Big bow time!
Chubby rolls time. :)

I plan on doing a "real" photo shoot (i.e. not my phone) one evening this week with Chet's help, but iPhone photos are so easy and quick for this lazy Momma.

When I look at you, pray over you and spend each day with you, I imagine what you will become.  My prayer is that you will always have the JOY of the Lord in your life, and that it will be your strength.  (Nehemiah 8:10)  With His unending JOY, your life will be full.
I love you to every star and back.

Through the praise of children and infants you have established a stronghold against your enemies, to silence the foe and the avenger.  When I consider your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars, which you have set in place, what is mankind that you are mindful of them, human beings that you care for them?  Psalm 8:2-4


  1. Adorable! And yes, Carters does run small! Paul is in 18 months Carters and 12 months for every other brand we have, LOL.