Thursday, May 10, 2012

7 Weeks in Collages

I bought my first app today, "Diptik", and I have gone a little crazy learning how to use it. :) 

These are some photos from Grey's 7 week birthday with us!

 Rainy morning with Momma
Now that we have a lot of her tummy issues fixed, she is simply the happiest baby ever!  She wasn't so sure about "sitting" though.  :)
We are happy most of the time.  After a long day we all get a little cranky!  Our smiles usually return after a late afternoon nap and Daddy coming home!

Grey's blessed us for 7 weeks, and this week I think her biggest development has been in size!  I had Chet buy a scale (one that wasn't ghetto and 10 years old, and that calculated ounces too) yesterday.  We weighed Grey on it last night and she weighed exactly 8 pounds!  (With diaper and clothes on, so she probably weighs 7 pounds 14 ounces or so...)  I probably made a mistake by convincing Daddy to buy the scale, because I had a hard time accepting the fact that my little baby really was growing that fast.  ;) 

Sweet love, at 7 weeks you:
  • Are almost out of newborn diapers!  We have been in them so long it's going to be strange to make the switch soon!
  • Are still wearing a lot of newborn clothes, but fit great into most 0-3 month outfits too.  I think onesie creators must make them small, since you fit perfectly in 3 month 8 lbs.
  • Have the bluest eyes!  I am beginning to doubt my original thoughts that they would change color.  They seem to be getting bluer daily.  Beautiful baby blues!
  • Laugh intentionally every day.  You are extremely happy in the and Momma's favorite time of the day.  We laugh and talk for hours in the morning!  You laugh when you see "grey bunny" and when I sing or look at you sideways. 
  • Feel a lot better than you have in weeks.  We have finally discovered some things that work for your colic and reflux.  It's the biggest relief in motherhood to see you feeling good most of the time!!  Praise God!
  • Are very attached to Mommy and Daddy.  You will throw a fit if Momma has to put you down. (You're a very cute fit thrower by the way!) ;)   Doctors say we can't spoil you enough right now, so I am going to stick to that theory and love on you as much as possible.  ;) 
  • Sleeping for up to four hours at a time during the night.  Such a big girl!
  • Reaching and "tasting" anything in your reach.  I was certain babies didn't taste things this early on, but much to your Momma's germaphobic dismay, you sure do.  I have washed your toys, especially grey bunny a LOT more than they should probably be washed.
Now that Grey's colic and reflux are a lot more controlled, I am going to start working on a schedule again.  I decided to skip Babywise when she didn't feel good, since it was useless to push a schedule on a baby who wasn't sleeping or eating well, and crying out in pain.

I can't believe any day could be more fun than the last, but every day seems to be the MOST FUN that could be had with our sweet Grey!  She is developing such a smart and interactive personality.  I think she is going to keep us on our toes! ;)

We love you to the moon and back an infinite number of times, sweet daughter.  God is so great and loving to us, allowing us to be your parents!  Happy 7 Weeks of filling our arms.

...let us rejoice today and be glad.  Psalm 118:24b


  1. Aww, she's getting so big Sarah! She's beautiful.

  2. Love all the pictures!!!!
    Good luck with the Schedule....We still dont have it down and reid still sleeps with us. yes i know...horrible. lol