Thursday, May 17, 2012

8 Weeks

Tonight's photos cracked me up. :)  This face gets her way with anything.  She has us trained!
Oh that "after-bath" hair.  I laugh every time she gets out of the bath. :)  Sweet girl!  Everyone said your hair would fall out, but I think it's here to stay.  And growing.

Today our beautiful daughter turned 8 weeks old.  Yeah, it hasn't seemed that long to me either.  In fact, I am pretty sure our first glimpses of her were just yesterday.  Okay, so our calendars are lying, right?

I love Grey to pieces, and wish this blog would be a little longer, but she is having a rough evening with this I think it's more important that we cuddle and soothe.  :)

These are just a couple collages from the week.  Obviously I have reached our usual 200 weekly photos, but we need some quiet snuggles as a family this evening...
[Can I just say reflux SUCKS?!?!?!?]

This morning's smiles (we always have the BEST hour of happy time in the morning!)

Tuesday (turquoise shows off your baby blues so well)

Monday (First pair of shoes - pink jellies - to fit into is a momentous occasion!) ;)

Saturday before our friend's baby shower

At 8 weeks, you:
  • Laugh a lot.  If you feel good, you are very alert, smiling and laughing!  You seem to be taking in the world with your expressions and demeanor.  You are so smart!  :)  Included in every one of my prayers for you is a request for you to be wise.  Wisdom is so rare and precious honey.
  • You love little kids!  One of my favorite moments all week was seeing you interact with your cousins.  You are mesmerized by them, and it makes me want a "big sibling" for you.  I told Daddy that we needed to adopt a big sister or loving your cousins made my heart miss your brother that much more though.  
  • Are still fighting reflux, and it seems to be getting worse, no matter what we try (and we have tried a TON of things).  We went to the doctor yesterday, and started on a prescription to help you out. I am hoping it works with all my heart!  We were told it will take a couple of days to "kick in", but I am getting impatient with my sweet baby hurting.  I pray over you and ask God to take your pain away more times a day than I can count.  Reflux is one of those things that tests the physical and emotional endurance in a family, but I know you will be feeling better soon, honey.  
  • Because we took you to the doctor again, we were able to weigh you!  You are our adorable chubby wubby and weighed 8 lbs. 6 oz.!  Look at you!  I loved to see those numbers on that scale!  Those 8 lbs. are split between your cheeks and thigh rolls.  ;)  Presh!  This places you in the 10th percentile for weight. 
  • Experienced your first "alarm".  Our carbon monoxide detector went off last night because our water heater broke, and you slept peacefully through it for the first couple of hours of airing our house out.  (You and I chilled out on the window sill and then outside for a few hours.)  Maybe an alarm was all we needed to get you to sleep through the night. ;)
  • Continue to be our cuddle bug.  No complaints here.  In fact, if you are continuing this trend into your 30's, Momma won't be upset. :) :)  I can't get enough squeezes of your sweet, sweet self.  Ever.  Each hug and sugary open-mouthed kiss seems like the first.  So let's never grow out of this one, okay?

You are truly our sunshine.  
I love you.  

For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways;  Psalm 91:11

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