Thursday, May 3, 2012

6 weeks!

6 weeks!  
Such a short time ago it seemed like a distant, faraway dream that I would be 6 weeks out from holding our living, beautiful daughter, yet here we are!  I can't imagine having to go back to work at 6 weeks, and am extremely grateful that I have a job that I do not have to be back at right now.  6 weeks is certainly not long enough to soak up all the baby sweetness.

We were told several times by doctors was that Grey might be 4 weeks "behind" on development since she was premature, and that we should not compare her to other babies her age.  So far we believe she is developing beautifully on time though, thank the Lord!

Your accomplishments this 6th week of your life, sweet girl:
  • My very favorite - you are returning kisses!  You open your mouth wide and give the sweetest kisses that ever existed!!  They aren't slobbery yet, but I'm sure they will be soon!  You started doing this yesterday, and most times I reach in to kiss you, you will return it.  Even when you are upset or crying, you will stop crying for a second to give me a kiss.  It's incredibly special to me, even more so when I know you are in pain from tummy issues.  Oh sweet girl, I love you so much!
  • You are making your needs more clear to us, or at least we are understanding them better.  I feel like I can distinguish your cries, faces and body language better than ever before.
  • Daddy's favorite - you have been sleeping and/or not crying for 4 hours at a time during the night!  This is huge, and today I feel more like a human than a zombie mom. ;)  Two nights ago we all slept a good 5 or 6 hours, which is what we have been averaging in about 3 nights together.  YAY Grey!  Last night you were only up a couple of times.  I think we will be sleeping through the night very soon! 
  • You follow things with your entire head and eyes.  You love watching our cell phones, and will follow them all around the room.  
  • You are reaching for everything that interests you.  These include: "Grey bunny" (your favorite toy), some books (your taste in books is picky so far), Momma's hair and face (especially when she lays you down and you don't want to be away form her) ... and most recently, you are reaching for the toys hanging from your activity mat.
  • You are still wearing newborn diapers and clothes, although Momma is dressing you in some 0-3 month outfits, just because she can - and you are awfully adorable in them.  You fit best in newborns still, so Momma refuses to say you "fit" into 0-3 month stuff yet.  You only wear them because they're cute and you're cute in them.  That's all. ;) ;)
  • We are still working on figuring out what is best for your colicky tummy.  Momma has tried every suggestion possible, including several different kinds of formulas mixed in with your breastmilk.  It hurts us more than anything to see you in pain, so I pray with all my heart that we find the solution to your tummy problems.  We have had a good day today, so I am VERY happy you can "celebrate" your 6th week of life by feeling great!
  • Because of the colic, you have slept in our bed several times.  (Yeah, so much for all those "NEVER EVERS" I had before I had a baby...)  The second I put you down, you roll to Daddy.  It's almost a game to you, because Momma has to constantly pull you away from his side of the bed, since he sleeps too hard to have a baby next to his side!  You have loved rolling since the day we brought you home from the hospital, but now you are rolling during the day too.  You are such a little rolly more ways than one! ;)
  • I estimate your weight to be around 7 pounds now!  Our Molly Bears "Holden Bear" is 7lbs. 5oz., and you still don't weigh that much, but I think you are probably right at 7.  I can't believe the weight difference between you and your brother, still!  You are growing a few extra "beauty rolls" all over...absolutely presh!
  • You enjoy bathtime!  I can finally say "enjoy" now.  You smile and coo instead of fuss and cry!  Yay!  Before we would bathe you in the morning or day, since you got too worked up afterwards to go to sleep.  Now we can bathe you in the evening since you are peaceful and happy after a bath.
  • You have pretty much established your own "wake up time" - 6:30am.  It doesn't matter when your last feeding was, or how much you have been up at night, you are always wide awake at 6:30.  This works wonderfully for Daddy and Momma, and we usually can say bye to Daddy before he leaves for work at this time.  I was trying to plan a "wake time" according to Baby Wise, but I am glad you came up with one on your own.  As for feedings and the rest of the day's schedule, we still don't have a great one yet; it is something we will be patient on, as you still have a very upset tummy a lot.  I think that needs to be taken care of before we stress over a rigorous schedule.
I believe this week has been the biggest in development and changes in Grey!  She learns and does new things several times a day.  When she is feeling good, she is super smiley and 'talkative'.  Her blue eyes seem to be "learning" as she soaks in the world around her.  How I ever got lucky and blessed enough to spend each day with her is beyond me!  It still doesn't feel "normal" or "right" to be this happy.

I took a bunch of photos of a few of her many expressions this afternoon.  They crack me up and she makes my heart laugh.

I sound a little bit like a baby pterodactyl when I try to laugh 

Momma, just face it, these bows don't fit yet

Sad face

Focus face

Cross-eyed focus :)

My Daddy's grin

Squealing smile

Momma, didn't you say it wasn't kind to stare?  Why you staring at me all day then?

Happy sleeper

A "few" photos from this week (yes I have upped the storage limit on iCloud because of how addicting her cute self is to photograph):
Our first Bumbo chair experience wasn't so great.  We need to wait until we are bigger!

She can finally be swaddled in Aden & Anais blankets!  She is getting SO big!

She kicks her legs like crazy on her activity mat.  She can even move the cat toy by herself.  

She loves "baby massage"!  It puts her to sleep almost always.

Cuddles on Holden's 20th month birthday.  Such a sweet moment.

Daddy's hands are always full of love.

Baths can be fun!

My doctor appointment last week was what we considered my "6 week check up".  My doctor told me at 6 weeks I could start exercising again, although she advised that I wait until I am sleeping more.  With Grey doing better at night, I think I am ready.  Whew...this will be 'fun' since I have been a sedentary bump on a log for 9 months!  My closet has "shrunk"...ha! ;)  I plan on starting out slow and then easing myself into running again.  I just need to figure out a time to get moving each day!  Babies have a way of taking over your clock!

Grey, there are not enough seconds in all of time to love you enough.  xo

This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us.  And if we know that he hears us - whatever we ask - we know that we have what we asked of him.  1 John 5:14-15
This Scripture was difficult for me to accept for a good year or so after Holden passed.  I felt as though He ignored my desires to be a mom to a baby here on earth.  My desires were heard though, and I also know His will for Holden's life was never to breath on earth.  Thank you Lord for giving me a baby to hold each day.  She's a blessing I praise You for!


  1. She beautiful Sarah! Absolutely gorgeous!

  2. She is absolutely beautiful! I can see she looks like Holden. I ran across your blog and thank you for this. I just lost my baby boy, Wiley, in February. You and Grey give me hope!