Thursday, August 9, 2012

20 Weeks!

Happy 20 Weeks Beautiful Daughter!

I practiced with our real camera outside this morning for her 20 week photos.  None of these captured our normally EXTREMELY HAPPY morning girl, because I was SO worried she would fall out of the chair that I couldn't concentrate on snapping pictures.  That and I was fidgeting with the settings on the camera to figure lighting out, etc.  Sheesh!  Photography isn't as effortless and easy as Tisha makes it look.  I wasn't talented enough to combine picture taking with making funny faces/noises and holding a toy.  I think I need an assistant. ;)  I also need LOTS and LOTS of practice, but I have a feeling that might be fun!  The better she can sit, the more confident I will feel about not having my hands on her...which is difficult while holding a camera 5 feet away! ;)  I've made up my mind to ONLY use our real camera for her weekly photos, and maybe by her first birthday I will be okay enough to capture her birthday!

I suppose I could learn some basic editing skills too...OR leave that up to the professionals...good thing Shuffield Photography is her family.  :)

Here are a few unedited shots from her 20 week pics:

As soon as she would look up at me with a big grin, I would reach for her and drop my camera (it was strapped around my neck), because I kept thinking she would leap out of the chair.  Eek.  Oh big smiles...but I had a blast learning how to change the settings!

At 20 Weeks, You:

  • Are always wanting to be engaged in something.  Learning while playing is so much fun!
  • Turn your head at "Grey", "Baby!" and "Boppy!".  You've recognized your name(s) for a while when we say it, but no matter who says your name you will turn towards them now.
  • Have eyebrows!  Okay, so maybe you've had eyebrows since you were born, but Daddy and I just recently started noticing them getting darker.  :)  Right now they are an auburn color - pretty! They make your many facial expressions even cuter.
  • Have watched more TV than I would ever prefer you to.  Momma is addicted to the Olympics, so she isn't a good momma and has let you watch it with her.  I tell myself that as long as I am engaging you with toys and conversation while the TV is on, it can't be that bad.  Right? :)
  • Continue to amaze me with your leg strength.  Those short little legs have some serious muscles! You can stand for an hour without getting tired (and longer even).  
  • HAD YOUR FIRST BABYSITTER!  (Today, in fact!)  Family has watched you, but I have never hired a teen babysitter be with you until today.  You warmed up to Miss Brittany very quickly and seemed to like playing with her!  I am excited about having a few hours a month that I can have someone here to play with you while I organize Holden Uganda work.  I don't trust just anyone with my greatest gift, so I am glad there are a few people who do love to be with you.
  • Can reach your toes to your mouth!  Big step for our little not-so-flexible sweetie pie! 
  • Make Momma want to cry when I think of 20 weeks.  I woke up a little emotional today thinking about 20 weeks...where has all the time gone?
I have decided not to blog a ton of iPhone pictures from the week, so that I can be consistent about blogging each Thursday.  Thank goodness for Facebook. ;)  I doubt Grey will ever think I didn't capture her cuteness enough.  Haha!

Grey, thank you for teaching me to enjoy the smallest blessings in life.  I love you honey!  Here's one of my favorite verses in Scripture.  I hope that you will love the blessings you receive from giving!

Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.  2 Corinthians 9:7

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