Wednesday, August 8, 2012

4 Month Well Check

Jumping off the exam trampoline table!

Yesterday was Grey's 4 month appointment (even though she's 4.5 months).  I absolutely love Grey's pediatrician, Dr. G., and of course we love Aunt Carrie, our nurse practitioner!  I cannot say enough how helpful it has been to have Chet's sister-in-law (I consider her my sister) be our nurse practitioner too!  She has dealt with many of my "crazy mom googled something and now needs expert advise to calm her" texts and calls at all hours of the day and night. ;)

Grey is growing and developing perfectly!  In fact, her head has grown a LOT since last time, and is now in the 25%!  Yay!  Make room for that smart brain. ;)

4 Month Statistics:
Head: 15.9 inches - 25%
Height: 23 inches - 10%
Weight 12 pounds 11 ounces - 25%

This means we are on the short and chubby side.  Short, chubby and PERFECTLY CUTE! :)  Grey has a small frame, so I think she may end up with my frame instead of Chet's.  I couldn't be happier with how Grey is growing and learning.  She is ridiculously social and is ahead of the curve on many physical developments too!  She bounces, pops up to a stand from sitting, scooting on occasion (if she really wants something), etc.

Noteworthy and laughable for this checkup: After Grey was weighed (sans diaper), she tee-teed all over the scale.  She has never ever peed without a diaper on, so we got a taste of what a baby boy might be like! ;)  (Sorry for anyone reading this that thinks that is too much to share.  I just wanted to document it for Grey to smile about one day as a mom herself!)

We discussed Grey's reaction to baby food with Dr. G., and we all decided it was best to discontinue feeding her baby food until next month.  Hopefully her 5 month tummy will be better equipped to handle all the yumminess.

Sadly 4 month checkups also mean 4 month vaccines.  She did not do as well this time as last time, and screamed for a good 5 minutes. :'(  This meant my heart was breaking in a million pieces as she looked at Chet and I so hurt.  She has also had a much higher and persistent fever this time around, so we have spent most of today (and last night) snuggling.  My normally VERY ACTIVE baby doesn't even want to bear weight on her legs or let me put her down.  I am choosing to relish the cuddles with this sweetie pie, rather than dwell on the fact that she's not feeling great.  (In my arms as I type.)

Today is August 8th: exactly one year ago we found out we were pregnant again...  I have never had more mixed emotions combined in one day; not wanting to get excited or happy, but yet not being able to contain my joy.  I remember telling Chet that we were pregnant and his face going white.  I remember staring at that pregnancy test and not knowing what to think.  I remember driving to work (it was a Monday) and attempting to concentrate on work.   It was a huge day...a big leap for us in learning to trust God with another child.  I look back now and cannot help but THANK THE LORD over and over and over.  Just like Holden, Grey is only our child to raise and love and teach about Him.  It is one of my greatest struggles to continually remind myself to hold Grey with open hands and open heart.  Your will, not mine.  Thank you Jesus for this gift.  365 days of learning to walk in Your plans for our life with our second child...You are so good to us I cannot fathom Your love.

Teach me, LORD, the way of your decrees, that I may follow it to the end.  Psalm 119:33


  1. I can't believe she never peed without a diaper yet! Sierra did it all the time when I changed her, and we'd go through a few diapers sometimes! Ha ha. But, that was nowhere near the mess that occurred when Coen did it! And that was SO often!

    1. :) Since then she has done it twice more!??! It's so weird! Like she discovered how funny it was to make momma squeal! ;)