Thursday, August 16, 2012

21 Beautifully Blessed Weeks!

I asked Chet how old he thought Grey was turning today, and he said 18 weeks.  I like his number better. :)  Denial has set in...I don't think it's possible that 21 weeks have slipped by.

We have been WONDERFULLY BUSY with Holden Uganda lately.  I am living in a bit of a blur this week, and am going to try to post this blog super quick!  Our liaison from Uganda, Dr. Patrick Mutano, and his engineer Andrew and assistant Joseph are here in Texas this month.  They are learning how to use HUF's new drilling rig, so that they can return to Uganda and drill deep wells in the driest and remotest locations.  HUGE blessing and I cannot tell you the feeling I got when Dr. Patrick scooped Grey up in his arms on Tuesday.  And my oh my did Grey ever LOVE Dr. Patrick!  She squealed for him when I took her out of his arms, and kept smiling at him!
I hate public crying, and fail miserably at holding back tears most of the time, but managed to not cry during this sweet, sweet moment.  Dr. Patrick later wrote, "This is Holden's sister you know, she is special to us in Uganda" on my Facebook page.  Yeah, my best efforts at not crying didn't work at that.  Dr. Patrick and all of Uganda are so very special to us

Two more of Grey helping Chet fulfill HUF t-shirt orders yesterday.  I love that our littlest is learning about the world outside of Snyder, Texas.  I have such a desire that she grasps how big this world is!

All the HUF excitement has taken over my week, but this morning I managed to snap a few photos with our real camera (two weeks in a row! yay!).  I took them before naptime this morning, so we only had a couple of shots before meltdown ensued.:

 Mrs. Jackie made us some cute outfits! :)
I know her head is cut off in that one, but Grey's very tired self was just not going to sit without toppling I had to squat less than a foot from her with a lens that isn't so great at 12 inches away. ;)

Daddy came home for a few minutes today and took a couple of us outside at lunchtime!
 Flying in Momma's arms is SO fun!

 Not sure why she has to pose for us.  "Please baby, Momma needs a LOT of practice!  Just sit there while she figures this camera out." 

Such an ab workout to not topple over!  Even Daddy got worried and had to grab her!

I also snapped a few more candid ones this week with the real camera, so why not add while I am already blogging:
 Our scooter is just all over the place!  These "concentration" faces melt my heart!  They look exactly like CHET when he concentrates!

'Auntie' Paula sent Grey an adorable Hawaiian outfit from her HI visit!  I wish it wasn't 110 degrees out when I decided to take Grey outside for some pictures in it though.  We had to make that outing a short one!  

At 21 Weeks Old, You:
  • Started grunting.  It sounds hilarious and we don't know why you do this!  At any rate, it is cute regardless of it not making any sense! :)
  • Are able to pick up your pacifier nearly all the time.  I am hoping this skill continues to get better and better!  You get very frustrated when your paci falls out when you are laying down to sleep.  
  • Are taking Reuteri, a probiotic, in one bottle a day.  It is making a noticeable difference in your reflux!  Praise God!
  • Met Dr. Patrick, Andrew and Joseph for the first time!  
  • Are becoming such a pleasant, easy baby!  I have taken you out and rearranged your schedule every day this week, yet you never cease to make me so proud with your content happiness!  It is such a joy to see you love meeting new people and seeing new things!  This is one of the things I am going to contribute to Reuteri helping you feel better.
  • You are still in size 2 diapers and close to 6 month clothing.  I had a lady tell me today that you would be so, so tall, because you are, "Just so big for almost 5 months!".  I wanted to remind her that you are my little, teeny, tiny newborn, just born yesterday, and that you are not big at all.  And that you are only in the 10th percentile for height.  And that she should know to never tell a new momma that their baby is going to be huge.  It's worse than asking a lady's age....  I tried to ignore her comments, because even if you are 6 feet tall and 40 years old, to me you'll always be my tiny little baby girl.
Yours, LORD, is the greatness and the power and the glory and the majesty and the splendor, for everything in heaven and earth is yours. Yours, LORD, is the kingdom; you are exalted as head over all. 1 Chronicles 29:11

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