Friday, August 24, 2012

22 Weeks!

Ignore these terrible photos!  I had like 20 seconds to attempt photos yesterday in the noon sun - and then made them worse by trying to darken them. ;)  Good thing my daughter is CUTE regardless of her momma's camera skills.  

I had written this yesterday but somehow forgot to "post".

Grey, at 22 weeks:
  • You love your exersaucer!  You are big enough to turn all the way around in it now, and can manipulate all the toys on it.  You will spend 15 minutes laughing and playing in it, several times a day, long enough for me to get a few little things done around the house.  
  • You have worn shoes several times this week, without kicking them off.  Your feet are still so tiny, so we are just now fitting into our newborn/size 1 shoes!  I have a feeling all the adorable size 2 sandals you have may not fit you this summer.  
  • I am sure it's just a passing [nice!] fluke, but you have napped better than usual this week.  I will still love you if you decide to go back to your usual nap for 15 minutes at a time idea though.  =)
  • You have to taste everything!  I can rarely catch a moment that your hands or other objects aren't in your mouth!  
  • You tried green beans today for the first time - and loved them!  You literally attacked the spoon and squealed for more!  We had to stop giving you baby food since it upset your tummy at 4 months, but we attempted it again today.  Crossing our fingers that your tummy is more mature and able to handle it!
It's almost fall and we have a 22 week old!  Hello there time warp!  Although the cooler temps are wonderful to take Grey out in, I am probably one of the few [non-teacher] Texans who isn't ready for summer to leave us yet.  As much as autumn is my favorite Texas season, I am savoring each day this summer.  I know as the weather cools and we get to wear boots and scarves, that will only mean my little tiny baby is growing up even more!  I have become quite sentimental since having babies.  Weird, but I am okay with it. :)

Since I am posting this on sweet Reese Aleyna's 2nd heavenly birthday, I thought about this verse:
However, as it is written:  "What no eye has seen, what no ear has heard, and what no human mind has conceived" - the things God has prepared for those who love him - 1 Corinthians 2:9


  1. Sarah, she is just precious! And I'm with you on the 15 minute nap thing...hope it goes away soon for me, and stays longer for you.

  2. Sierra had tiny feet just like that too! So tiny it was hard to find shoes with soles small enough when she started to walk :) I hope the green beans go over well for her!