Thursday, November 1, 2012


I have the GREATEST respect for photographers.
I don't know why I get these wild hairs to use my real camera. ;)
Too Dark. Too Light.  BLURRY. (Of course all the great smile ones were too blurry to share since I was acting a fool to get those smiles...)
This is my darling at 32 weeks, even if her Momma can't use a Canon:

This goofy lip-sucked-in smile is all her lately!  I love that I got a shot of it. :)

 Crawling efforts

That sweet quilt was a gift to Grey from a precious lady here in Snyder.  I love it!!

Grey and I spent the whole day together, welcoming November and this epic weather.  Due to Grey's immune system being shot for these past 3 months (I think being a preemie started it off more susceptible and immature), we made the VERY difficult decision to keep Grey from daycare until she's at least a year old.  So instead of the normal daycare today, she stayed home with me.  It was such a bittersweet decision, as Grey was thoroughly enjoying her teachers and friends, and I was able to get a lot more Holden Uganda work done without the constant baby interruptions.  Her daycare is a beautifully warm, loving place.  I choked back tears as I filled my car with all the sweet things they had already done with my baby...who knew baby crafts could be so darn precious?  Even this quilt came from one of the board members of the daycare.  Sigh.  

But my oh my did I LOVE getting to snuggle and kiss and talk to my daughter all day.  I know the days and weeks and months are flying by so fast, that she will be big and grown 'tomorrow'.  I am savoring the fact that I am able stay home with her and keep her as healthy as possible...and Chet and I will make this work.  It's a BLESSING INDEED!

At 32 Weeks:
  • The most noticeable thing of all: you are loving "scream wars".  You and Daddy have scream wars several times a day and you crack up over them.  You would probably scream for hours if we let you.  You aren't saying many words yet, so I do like that you are mimicking us, even if it's in the form of screams. ;)
  • You are easily frustrated by your physical abilities, or lack thereof.  You just want to be able to crawl and stand up on your own and walk all over, and when you can't you cry.  
  • You are amused by everything you do.  You watch your hands manipulate food and toys like a hawk, watch your toes as you are trying to walk, and even watch yourself make faces in the mirror.  
  • You recognize more words.  I can say "kitty kitty" anywhere, and you look all over until you spot her.  If you are hungry and we say "bottle" or "bobby" (our word for it), we better have it in our hands to feed you right then.  You can also recognize bath, momma, daddy, more (for food) ... and I think you know the meaning of "NO!", but you are trying to ignore that one. ;)
  • You continue to pull hair, twist hair, grab hair, etc.  It's your minor obsession when someone picks you up.  See above bullet point on "NO!". ;) 
  • You are the sweetest person on earth.  You and I had a rough day yesterday, and right before you finally went to sleep (I was crying), you grabbed my face and hummed; totally made the world alright again.  You rub grey bunny's ears on our cheeks when you're falling asleep, so we can share in grey bunny's snuggles.  You try to make everyone smile.  When someone looks at you and won't smile, you will try and try...if they continue to not smile you start crying.  
After MOPS, I am flying to Houston for Brittney's bridal gown shopping weekend.  This will be the first time I have ever left you with Daddy...and EVER for two nights.  I am literally not allowing myself to think about it more than a second, because I burst into tears every time I do.  I know you guys will have the best time though!  

"I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may know the hope to which he has called you, the riches of his glorious inheritance in his holy people," Ephesians 1:18

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