Thursday, November 15, 2012

34 week old turkey

Chet and I decided to snap a few photos of our turkey this afternoon.  She will turn 35 weeks on Thanksgiving Day, as well as EIGHT MONTHS, but why not extend Thanksgiving into this week too? :)  We have an infinite number of things to be grateful for!

I happen to think my turkey is a doll.  And boy am I ever thankful for her:

Now that we are empowered with the ability to crawl, it's nearly impossible to keep us sitting for long.

 hehe...the faces she makes!

34 Weeks has been a big one:
  • You are 34 weeks going on 2 1/2 years old!  It's "get into everything" stage around here!
  • You are standing up all the time now!  You are very brave and think you have a "magic" fall net [me].  

  • You are mimicking sounds more, which makes me very happy!  Talking hasn't been on our agenda much lately, but I think you are enjoying the attention you get from copying our sounds.  You just needed some extra motivation. ;)  
  • You figured out how to push buttons and understand "cause and effect".  You laugh and get so tickled with yourself when you learn something new, which of course makes me laugh right along with you.  
  • You weigh almost 16 pounds.  I almost couldn't believe the scale yesterday!  CRAZY!  You have been eating a TON lately though, so I think you hit a major growth spurt!  I almost called the doc to make sure I wasn't overfeeding you, but then I figured your body knows what it needs better than anyone.  Your Creator is perfect like that.  Who cares if we are eating a half gallon a day, right? ha!
  • You are so sweet!  I know I say this all the time, but you really, really are!  You turn your head sideways when Daddy talks to you.  You grab my chin and hold me tight.  You just love life.  Today I thought about how much you were in pain with reflux and colic as a newborn, but how you have grown out of most of it and are happy 24/7!  
  • You love trying new foods.  We are pretty much "rogue" about letting you try foods.  I mean, we don't let you have cake or ice cream, but we do let you try all fruits and veggies, and even some whole grains.  Shhh...don't tell your doctor. ;)
  • You shake your head back and forth when we do.  
  • You laugh with peek-a-boo and have even tried to get us to play by covering your face up.
  • You can throw a bonafide fit and understand "no".  There is no doubt about know exactly what "no" means, and you dislike it.  A lot. ;)
I have missed Holden more than usual this week.  I think it's because you remind me of a toddler lately, with all that you are getting in to and learning.  I always wonder if he would have been an active, curious baby like you. [I believe he was not however, and I believe he was laid back like Daddy!]  It is weird how "full" my arms and heart are, yet how that can make me miss your brother even more.  I wonder if Holden would have cracked up over tummy kisses like you do.  I wonder if he would have crawled at 7 months and loved swinging in the park.  You have shown me so much about myself: I have learned about my patience and impatience, about my endless capacity of love for you, about really enjoying each moment.  I definitely credit your brother for much of my ability to slow down and appreciate even the tough moments of being your mommy.  I truly love the gift of being your Momma.  I get to celebrate Thanksgiving this year knowing my son is with Jesus, while holding my daughter in my arms...does life get any richer?

That I may publish with the voice of thanksgiving, and tell of all thy wondrous works.  Psalm 26:7

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