Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

{{Happy 1st Halloween Princess!  I mean Grey Bunny!}}
Grey Bunny and her friend/future husband the Baseball Player (aka Trevor)

Lame Mom didn't snap a lot of pictures of Grey's first Halloween.  In my defense though, she had a really rough day.  I think she is either cutting another tooth or has an ear infection.  She spent a large part of the day in way out of character crying.  

Thankfully a late afternoon nap was just the cure we needed to get our "party face" on!  Grey loved seeing all the people at the Colonial Hill Trunk or Treat.  She also loved her costume and seemed content to wear it all night.  

I saw all the kids born in 2010 (Holden's age) running around getting candy and playing games...and it really hit me that Holden would be at the age that he would ((gulp)) probably pick out his own costume.  Wow.  

Each day is a blessing.  Never forget that.

Chet and I could not be happier to spend the evening with the most adorable bunny on earth.

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