Saturday, March 23, 2013

A Glimpse Into the Happiest Day of the Year!

This is the day the LORD has made. We will rejoice and be glad in it. Psalm 118:24

Or make that week.
And my mind is completely not prepared yet to write all about her birthday week just yet.
Maybe that post will come when I get the Shuffield's photos of Grey's party!

I will say that this week was more than I ever dreamed.  In every way. (Okay, minus the birthday princess having croup...)

A little peek into our week through photos:

On the First Day of Spring we decided to set out some spring stuff at big brother's site.  Grey was a trooper since she did not feel well at all.

52 Weeks
I can't believe this was my last of the "yearly weekly photos".  Oh sweet girl.
Since I didn't do a "52 weeks" post, I must say my favorite thing she learned this week was making loud kissing noises while doing fishy lips. ;)

And the day I have dreamed about for years and years and years arrived.
God's faithfulness is all over this.

Early morning snuggles on her BIRTHDAY!  
She slept in Daddy's arms next to the humidifier, because we caught the croup this week, so I scooped her up for some birthday kisses first thing.
We started out the day with one of her favorite foods.  

Mmmm Momma! 

We had a lame attempt at our monthly photos.  I had too many mixed emotions to worry about them being "perfect" this time.  She is the happiest person I have ever met, and that was what I wanted her birthday to be about.  Who cares if we can't read the words, right? :)
Basically she is PERFECT at 12 months.

Oh...remember this person at one week?!..
Am I the only one who LOVES the "newborn old person" look?  Take in those itty bitty legs in that NEWBORN onesie!


Seriously.  These are almost too much for me to see.



(Definitely her biggest monthly change was between 4 and 5, plus we lost our dark hair!)


Oh 7 month post was deleted somehow? :'( How did that happen?  I can't find it anywhere.  

Our 8 Month photos were super tight to squeeze in, so we couldn't even change into a onesie!





Wow.  I can't get over those photos.  I really thought my [mostly] organized/OCD personality would regret the fact that I didn't take them all in the same onesie, in the exact same location, but as I look through these photos I am only seeing the sweet changes.  Thank you Jesus for this gift.

The Shuffields posted her birthday invitation photos!

Her friends got her a cool lollacup to celebrate World Water Day!

Eek!  A little sneak peek from today's PARTY!

Our kid doesn't mess around with cake folks.  
She comes by it honestly. ;)

Grey's birthday party was filled with our dearest friends and family celebrating our little princess.  
The kids painted canvases to send to an orphanage in Rakai, Uganda.  
Gifts were above and beyond.  
The gift of clean water was given.  
The cupcakes and "smash cake" were the most darling things I could have imagined them being.  
The decor was fun.  
Grey ate more sugar than she's had in her life combined.  
And then some.  
It was sweet.
Thank you ALL for making our little princess feel so loved and special.  You have been such a precious part of her life this past year (and 8 months while she was in my womb).

How our children have changed us.  I cannot wait to see what this next year brings. 
Thank You, Jesus.