Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Today is the official "full term" mark for Baby Holden! 37 weeks!!

Can't believe we're already here!! We had a great doctor's appointment yesterday, although it wasn't eventful. :) It seems as though Holden is just comfy and content with his womb home, and will probably not make his arrival before we induce on September 1st. His head is still very low, under my pelvic bone, but that really doesn't mean much when he's just not ready to enter the real world yet. My doctor did not check me for dilation, since I am not in active labor of any type. She said it would be like false hope if I was dilated, since I would still be sent home. I agree with her wholeheartedly. Giving me false hope never does good on my nerves. She will check me next week though, as we will be only a week from meeting him by then.

Since I've been getting a little impatient, I am trying to think about how wonderful it is that he is in me for another 15 days. Chet and I were able to watch a movie at the theatre in Lubbock yesterday afternoon-something I am sure we won't be doing as often once our bambino arrives. Maybe Holden will work on growing an eyelash or two while he's in there for so long, since his parents didn't impart him with great eyelash genes. ;) See...there are good things to us getting to wait a little longer.

All-in-all I was so pleased with yesterday's appointment. We learned about inducing and how we will go about it. At next Monday's appointment we will get our "schedule of events". YAY!

For now I will just be happy that I am able to stay on top of laundry and cleaning.

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