Thursday, August 26, 2010

Our fur babies

So with the arrival of our little boy in about 6 days, I suppose our sweet Fur Babies will get less attention. :( Chet was playing around with our new camera and decided they'd make good subjects. We still have LOTS of practice with the settings and stuff, but I do like the crisp pictures already!!
Rusty in our kitchen. He is very nervous about the camera. I think the flash scares him. [Note: Our rugs are out of place because we had a nice little water leak from our fun.] Lukas posing for his daddy on a walk. He's the biggest "daddy's boy" I've ever seen in an animal! I promise we feed our dogs. They just got haircuts yesterday, so it makes them look extra skinny! In fact, we spend more money on Science Diet food than we probably spend on groceries. So no hating please!
Our boys --- and our messy porch. It's their fault you know! ;)

And then we come to Henri. She is the "calm" in our storm of animals. She hates her brothers and still doesn't understand why we have them. It was JUST fine when it was only the three of us. (She tells me that daily!)
Another shot of my little princess. She's the only animal allowed on the new couches; it's our way of making up for bringing two annoying "brothers" into her life. That and we couldn't control her anyways....but we tell her it's because she's special. ;) lol

These three little spoiled babies are about to get a real life changer next week when we bring Holden home!

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