Friday, August 13, 2010


Finally!! I feel MOSTLY all done with the nursery!! In other words, if Holden were to arrive tonight (hint hint Holden!), I would be okay with what we have! Just take a LOOK at all the wonderful things we've been SO incredibly blessed with!

His changing station/dresser/hutch. This is the only thing I feel "undone" with, because it seems cluttered to me. I need my dear Stormy or Theresa or Charys to help me out. ;)
Look at the CLOTHES, etc!! There really isn't even room for all his clothes!

Just the closet door.

Entry door.

What "finalized the room"! Today our Uppercase Living order arrived and Chet and I JUST put it up above his crib. It says, "Every good and perfect gift comes from above", if you can't read it. It's a lot easier to read in person.
The crib with his name. I love how it turned out! Truly the pics just don't do the colors justice.
His glider/rocker and nightstand. I took these pictures before I put the little bouncer chair next to the night stand (on the left). Holden's amazing Auntie Charys and Uncle Scott bought the bouncer for him!

Anyways, that is what Holden's nursery looks like. Can you just see how fortunate we are to have such amazingly giving friends and family?!
Today alone, a sweet friend Rachel even gave us her baby swing (coming soon) and our neighbor (who we barely know!) rang our doorbell and surprised us with a beautiful wooden step stool he MADE for Holden! Not to mention three more UPS deliveries on my front porch when I arrived home from work...full of wonderful gifts. I don't even know WHERE to begin! It's overwhelming as I've said before. We live a life we do not deserve. I just hope to be able to bless others as we have been blessed!

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