Friday, August 13, 2010

I miss

My feet. This is my view today. Maybe this is God's nice way of not allowing us to see our swollen, veiny messes our pregnancy feet have become? Maybe I shouldn't use the word "our", since too many of my pregnant friends still have cute little feet.

  • I miss sleeping.
  • I miss using the restroom and then not feeling like I should turn back around and use it again right after washing my hands. (TMI...but it's true)
  • I miss drinking 10 cups of coffee a day. Maybe this was all for my good?
  • I miss exercising without being in pain. Ok, I admit...I haven't truly exercised in 8 1/2 months. But I'd be in pain if I did.
  • I miss loving the heat.
  • I will NOT miss heartburn. Ever.
When Holden comes I will miss these great perks to being pregnant I'm sure though:

  • Eating an entire Pyrex of brownies in a few days. By myself. AND not having my coworkers say a thing about it. ;)
  • Eating as much as I want of anything for that matter.
  • Feeling Holden's precious kicks (JABS), rolls and sweet little fist punching.
  • Talking to him without even knowing what he looks like.
  • Having alone time with Chet. Whenever we want. I think we have some adjusting ahead of us.
  • The kids at the grocery store being extra sweet when they take my groceries out. My size must scare them into thinking I'm going to pop right before their eyes.
  • My nails actually growing.

I have had a BLESSED pregnancy. I can't complain. I just miss my feet. I think I'll get a pedicure after work today for the sake of anyone who CAN see them.

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