Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A new family member

Okay, so obviously a camera does not constitute a "family member" (1 John 2:15 swimming through my head at the moment), but since this is something we've been saving and hoping and wishing for ever since we got married (before that actually), I am STOKED to say we will be proud owners of this camera soon (next Monday to be exact)! Each Christmas we tell ourselves that "next Christmas" we'll buy ourselves a nice camera. That's yet to happen. SO we bit the bullet and ordered this beauty at Best Buy yesterday, basically never enabling us to send our kids to college and pre-spending our "goose egg"... but isn't she pretty?! ;) We did NOT follow Dave Ramsey's rules when deciding to invest (ahem, get into DEBT) for this little piece of black gold.... But we are both so happy to have a good camera, with video camera capabilities, for Holden's every little move and expression! I mean, really, what kind of baby deserves to be iPhone photo-ed his whole life?

My-oh-my this blog might be filled with photos very soon! Chet has a natural talent for photos and Photoshop, so he is getting very excited to become our family photographer. I on the other hand, will be needing to read and re-read that 2-inch manual when it arrives.

I'm sure "bragging" about a possession on a blog is really, really poor taste and out of blogging etiquette. I am not meaning to boast. I just didn't want anyone thinking that my pictures have all of a sudden gone from grainy iPhone pics to beautiful crystal clear pics without the clarification. OKAY----and I am a LITTLE HAPPY and had to share! ;)

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