Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Living Room

Some not-so-great iPhone pictures of our "new" living room furniture from the Shuffields. These sofas are a bit big for the room, but we love them!!! Thank you Shuffields! I realize we need more color in this room after all the brown. I may be doing some living room re-do one day when I'm off work with Holden. (Sorry Chet!) I just think it needs "flair"! Maybe some cool canvas prints of Holden will do the trick?!


  1. I am not sure if its a pregnancy thing or what but I have been telling Colter how we need more color in our house too! If he's not careful he might come home to purple walls!! Your house looks beautiful!!

  2. Thank you Taren! Yeah, I definitely think it may be a prego thing. I REALLY want to get some more colors going. I am hoping some newborn canvases (of photos by the talented friends of mine, Shuffield Photography), might do the trick. I want a canvas collage on the wall we have our wedding photo on.