Thursday, March 15, 2012


When you sit in a hospital bed, you get lots of blogging time.  I am procrastinating some emails and HUF stuff, because I do not want to forget any details of Grey's journey.

Yesterday was actually what I would consider "fun" in the scheme of a hospital stay.  The staff at Covenant truly make you feel like you are a queen (or king), and have far exceeded every request, need and expectation we have had.

Chet, Charys, Tisha and I were given a very informative tour of the NICU (just in case) before lunch, and I am so glad to see it and be aware of how it is run.  I love their strict policies and procedures, and know they will take epic care of Grey, if she were to need to go there.  I had to contain myself from not swooping down and scooping up one of the babies in there.  I wanted to hold and love on them all! ;)

Tisha treated us to a yummy chicken lunch, and then my sweet friend Jennifer came for a visit.  She brought a wonderful basket of snacks and goodies...and the most precious drawing from her daughter, "E":
Story to this drawing:  Jennifer had told E that she would be staying with her grandma this afternoon, since she had to visit her friend in the hospital who was going to have a baby.  She did not give any details (our baby being a girl, Holden's story, nothing...).  E drew this sweet picture and asked her mom to give it to me.  She drew me holding a baby girl, and when Jennifer asked her who the other baby was, she said, "That's her baby brother!"  What a GIFT!  All the details - from me holding our little Grey, to Holden being colored in orange (a color we associate with him because of his nursery, the Ugandan flag, etc.), to our chair we are sitting in being grey are things I do not think are coincidences.  I love love love how God uses the 'littlest' gestures as gifts, and how oftentimes the deliverers of His gifts are children.  I needed to see Grey smiling today.  :)

Chet and I then took the infant CPR class offered here at 3:00pm.  We have both been certified in infant CPR in the past, but it makes it a lot more real when you are about to have your own baby.

The day really did fly by with so much to do.  The Raleys came over and brought a delicious lasagna dinner from Orlando's for all of us.  We have been eating well since being here! :)

Grey impressed us on her NSTs yesterday, which was of course the most important thing!  Chet and I were up early this morning, ready to start this new day!

Then Hannah prayed and said: "My heart rejoices in the LORD; in the LORD my horn is lifted high.  My mouth boasts over my enemies, for I delight in your deliverance.  1 Samuel 2:1

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  1. THis is a really neat story. What a special picture to share with Grey one day.