Wednesday, November 23, 2011

21st, 22nd and 23rd

We had a wonderful doctor's appointment on Monday.  It is funny that one short session listening to a healthy heartbeat and/or seeing the little person God is forming inside of me can change my fears.  (I have to be honest, I wish the feeling was longer-lasting, but I will take what I can get.)
I have been so grateful for doctors and nurses these past two years.  I went from someone who had never, ever been to a doctor, to a person who can practically close her eyes on the drive to Lubbock and Covenant.  I cannot say enough how much thanks I have for intelligent, caring, compassionate, brilliant doctors and nurses.  They all love our little girl like their own.  This is a silly story, but it explains how blessed we are with medical care:  The other day I was in Dillard's and a precious, young girl, one of the radiologist techs in training who has seen us before, glanced over my way and literally walked up to me and gave me a hug and asked how I was feeling and how the baby was!  She is 'just' someone apprenticing at our specialist's office, and she remembered us and cared!  Our doctors want to be there for a happy redemption story almost as much as we do.  It means so much to my heart to see how they care for Holden's little sister, and look forward to her special birthday.

I am thankful for Holden Uganda and all involved.  That God would choose all of us to be a part of such a beautiful organization is humbling.  We were given the rewarding opportunity to speak to a huge youth group in Odessa yesterday; their young hearts are already so eager to spread God's love through clean water.  A year and a half ago I met Kara Smith through a baby shower we hosted together.  Our sons' due dates were a day apart, so we "small talked" about our pregnancies.  Little did I know then how much this person would mean to me a year later.  Each and every person who is a part of HUF has changed us and I know they are on our team because they bring exactly what is needed to the table.

I often wonder what HUF will look like in the future.  It has already grown at a rate I wouldn't have imagined.  There are days that I get exhausted and want to take a break, but I cannot picture my life where HUF is not a part of it.  There are few things worth exhaustion like seeing the faces of the people receiving clean water.  Motivation.

I am thankful for the Thanksgiving break and getting to put my feet up today.  Chet is even braving the grocery store for me this morning.  That's true love.  I think the breaks are sometimes the busiest in our lives, but today I have nearly nothing planned.  My feet are up!
Speaking of feet...these are our little one's feet.  She hid her face the whole.entire.time. at the ultrasound on Monday, much to her Mommy's dismay, but she was showing off her footsies just fine.

I think they are cute.  :)

Let us come before his presence with thanksgiving, and make a joyful noise unto him with psalms.  Psalm 95:2

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