Thursday, April 26, 2012

5 Weeks & New Look!! :)

As you can see, my blog has been given a facelift! :)  Thank you Jaci, designer at Freely Me Designs, for my beautiful new blog.  It makes me HAPPY to see both of my children on the header!!

We celebrate everything!  5 weeks old and Daddy being home by 5pm!  :)  By the way, this onesie is a 3 month onesie.  Certainly it shrunk in the dryer! ;)

Grey Danelle, you are 5 weeks old today!  My heart is so full, sweetie.  We celebrate each day we are blessed to wake up with you.  I pray every day that I can be a Mommy that teaches you what is right, how to live like Jesus wants you to, and gives you the love and care you need.  I cherish the gift of every second I get to be with you.

You are changing more and more and have a million funny expressions.  You look like your Daddy most of the time, but on occasion I will see a little of me in you.  You make me laugh all day, and I spend hours just staring at you.  

A week in iPhone snapshots of our beautiful princess:

Friday 4/20

Sunday 4/22

Monday 4/23

Tuesday 4/24

Wednesday 4/25

Today, Thursday, 4/26

May my meditation be pleasing to him, as I rejoice in the LORD.  Psalm 104:34


  1. I love seeing Holden and Grey's pictures next to each other. You can really see the resemblance!

  2. Such a sweet little thing she is! I love seeing the pictures! Joy!