Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hannah's Hope

I received the book Hannah's Hope from a sweet friend who lost her beautiful little girl a few years ago.  I have really been encouraged by Hannah and the huge amount of faith she had.  Today I saw this on another blog:
Pray over your children while they are sleeping. With a heart like Hannah, give them over to God.

I have a new insight on parenting.  Children are God's greatest gifts to us as parents, to care for and raise for Him.  Being a good steward over our money or possessions is not even a comparison for being good stewards over our children.

I hope to be a mom who puts the most effort into caring for my children's hearts.  In the end, it won't matter if they are pretty, handsome, cute, gifted, academic, geniuses, athletic, get the most trophies, have in-style clothes, tall, short...anything.  Those things are all nice, but so temporal. 
It will only matter if they love Jesus.


  1. So true!! The day that Nate accepted Jesus into his heart was my proudest mommy moment!!!

  2. I was SO close to sending you this book, but I figured "surely someone has beat me to it". I'm so glad they did! I have read it myself and have found it to be a great encouragment and really does put into perspective what's important. I can't wait for my girls to grow in the Lord and watch their walk with God blossom!