Sunday, November 28, 2010

iPhone pictures of Santa Fe

These are some iPhone photos of our trip to Santa Fe.  Tisha documented the trip much better (of course) with their real camera, and I think Chet took a couple with our camera?  But these are the ones I have for now. :)  I will upload more pics if I get them from Chet.

We took a Segway tour of Santa Fe the first morning.  It was SO much fun!  (Even though all I could think about was Mall Cops when I first thought of wearing a helmet while riding one.)  Chet and I decided we are definitely going to take more Segway tours of cities.  :)

 The Loretta Chapel "Mysterious Staircase".
 Before our Segway tour, Chet and I woke up really early and enjoyed watching the sunrise together.  All the sunrises and sunsets were magnificent.  This iPhone photo just doesn't do the beauty justice.
 First night there.  Nita was checking out the information on the amazing house!
 One of the living areas.
 A bedroom/living room area.
That is only a small taste of the house.  I got overwhelmed by it and forgot to take pictures after the first 30 seconds walking through. :)  There were 6 rooms, so we all had our own room and plenty of space!

Santa Fe truly was a gift.  Thank you so much Shuffield and Fanning families for allowing us the privilege of being your "family".  We love you!


  1. I love Santa Fe! We used to live in Albuquerque so I've been there many times. Glad you enjoyed the trip.

  2. I love these pics! You are so cute on the segway! I am so glad that you are finding joy in the moments. What an amazing house.

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