Saturday, September 11, 2010

2 weeks

I have been given so many blog addresses and websites, and plan to read them all one day....but God must've known what I needed today.  It has been a very tough morning for me, and I just decided to go to this particular blog.  I have basically cried through pages of the beautiful Jacob's family journal.  They too lost their precious son, Chase, due to a cord accident on September 30, 2009.  They've been on a similar journey as we have.  Chelsea is amazing.  Be encouraged:


  1. The Jacobs family is amazing and you remind me so much of her. Your strength is truly unreal and you have blessed me with your words. Thank you. Keep looking up.

  2. Oh my, sweet Sarah. YOU are the amazing one. I am so blessed by your words, your faith, your love for your precious Holden. I have NO DOUBT that the Lord has big plans for you and your family. One of my favorite Selah songs (I was glad to see you were a fan too!) is Unredeemed. The chorus says it all:

    "It may be unfulfilled, it may be unrestored. But, when anything that's shattered is laid before the Lord...just watch and see, it will not be unredeemed!"

    You have so sweetly laid your shattered heart before the Lord, and He WILL redeem what has been lost! I pray He does that in ways that amaze you!

    So glad the Lord has brought us together, even if it's for reasons we never would have wished for. :)

  3. Jennifer, that is a huge compliment. I am SO inspired by Chelsea! She has faith that I can only dream of having. Her family is beautiful and precious in every single way!
    Chelsea, I am so glad that the Lord brought your blog, story and family into our lives. You're right...we may not have been brought together for reasons we wished for, but it's wonderful to know you. The song Unredeemed speaks so much to me. Scriptures and songs are life changing!

  4. Your blog too is amazing and you convey beautifully the pain of losing a child but also the amazing way that your life can be reconnected to Christ in a stronger and more powerful way. My spiritual life has been transformed completely since I lost Claire. I am in awe of women such as yourself who have also embraced the Lord in new ways, understanding that his strength will carry us through these rough times and bless us with the knowledge that our children are happy in his arms.