Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My friend Amber

Photo by Maria Duncan Photography

I wrote this on 9/23/10, but am posting today:

As anyone who knows me knows, this year I have a TON of pregnant friends and/or friends who have had their babies. 46 in total, actually. So I was blessed to know a lot of prego girls and new mommies during my pregnancy. We bounced information off of each other and have shared in all of our woes and joys of pregnancy, and loved each others' babies. 2010 was just "Baby Year" around here.

I have one particular friend though, Amber, who was my "Pregnancy BFF". We go to Sunday School together, and were the closest in pregnancy similarities. She and I were both having boys in September, both first babies, both new to all things "mommy", etc etc. Our due dates were only a few weeks apart, so each time I went in for an appointment, Amber was soon to have the same kind of appointment shortly thereafter. When I would post pictures of Holden's nursery on my blog, she'd post pictures of Kaleb's. She and her precious son Kaleb, have been in my prayers every day for the past 7-8 months. Amber is a talented writer, and she wrote about our journeys together on her blog, The Englert Family News. (She explains it better than I can.) I am so grateful to the Lord for such a precious friend. She made my pregnancy just that much more special.

When Holden went to heaven, I thought about Amber and Kaleb a lot. I just prayed and prayed for my sweet friend, hoping she would have peace from the Lord. I knew it was a very stressful situation, since we had so many similarities in our pregnancies, up until that point. Amber made such a positive impact on me. She has been extremely sensitive to my feelings and has been incredibly loving and supportive, still. I have spent the past three weeks praying for a perfect, healthy arrival of her sweet baby boy.

Yesterday I got some of the best news ever; Amber and Justin were about to meet their Kaleb! They welcomed Kaleb Lee into their family on the first day of fall, September 22, 2010. He is a PERFECT 8 pounds and 20 inches. I am just so full of joy for Amber and Justin. 

Although Kaleb and Holden will not get to be buddies here on earth, I know one day, they will meet. Then they can talk about how their mamas had so many fun plans for them to be friends. Yes, I have to be honest...I am sad. I am sad that Amber and I won't get to discuss baby sleeping and eating habits. I am sad that Holden won't be at Kaleb's first birthday party. I am sad that Holden will not get to be on Kaleb's baseball team, or talk about getting their driver's licenses together when they are 16. But the joy I have for their family has greatly overshadowed the sadness I feel.

A huge, loving congratulations to some of the most wonderful parents in the world, Justin and Amber. I love you both, and Kaleb Lee, so very much. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your lives.

I was incredibly blessed to visit the Englerts in the hospital last week.  Kaleb melted my heart instantly, and Amber was truly the most glowing new mommy I have ever seen.  Being a mommy is something she is already so amazing at! 

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