Thursday, September 23, 2010

Covenant Foundation-Children’s Interment Fund

So many of you have asked what the Covenant Foundation-Children's Interment Fund is, and why we had asked that donations be made there in lieu of flowers.  It is a fund set up by the Covenant Foundation in Lubbock, that assists families who lose their babies, with funeral costs.  If a family loses their baby due to stillbirth or early problems, the fund will carry part of the funeral service expenses. 

If you have ever been through something as terrible and heartwrenching as losing your child, you know how incredibly helpful it is to not worry about much of the funeral cost as well.  It is a burden lifted. 

We had never, ever imagined that we would be burying our son.  We only had great hopes of bringing him home in his car seat, in one of the 20 different outfits we had packed for him.  We drove up to the hospital with only JOY in our hearts.  That is what all families dream of when they go into labor.  You just don't expect to be faced with the burden of funeral expenses, on top of medical bills, for a child you have loved and dreamed about for nine months. 

The people who run the Covenant Foundation are some of the most considerate, loving, caring people you will ever meet.  They have a job that truly does touch families.  Thank you so much for the amazing generosity you have poured out.  Just know that you will help a family, like us, who doesn't even know you.  During their grief and sorrow though, they will greatly appreciate what you have done for them. 

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