Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Can you feel the love?

I decided to blog about some love we've been shown.
This is the beautiful canvas of my letter to Holden from Kasey. The pretty pink flowers that fill our flower bed from our Sunday School class.

Blue flowers are so pretty to me. I think it's just the rarity of blue in the flower world that I find so fascinating. :)

Stormy, my best friend who is like a sister, made this necklace for me to wear to Holden's service. It is made of the colors in Holden's room. It was an honor for me to have something so perfect to wear to my son's service.

Sweet Theresa made me this plaque of the Fruits of the Spirit. What a great reminder it is to me. I just smile every time I look at it....

Now on to some photos Chet and I took yesterday afternoon. We felt the love of our Saviour in the fresh West Texas air. We took the dogs to the park and they LOVED it!
Here is the sunset last night behind our house. Not a colorful one, but it still showed our Creator's majesty!

Sunflowers have abounded this summer. They've thrived in the heat and sun!

Had to take some of my little princess. She does not appreciate Daddy clicking that camera in her face during nap time. ;)

Nap time is so perfect without Daddy and his camera.

Luke just LIVES for chasing balls! Look at him smiling.

Our sweet Luke. This makes me smile. :)

Getting out in the sunshine with our dogs was a great break. Rusty and me.

Hi Mommy!

Rusty wishing we'd let him go chase a squirrel!

More water...mmm..mmm...water!

Quit waking me up from my naps please Daddy!

So those are some things that make me happy!!
Today was Holden's 'official' 40 week due date. When I woke up, I realized that "today" was a day we counted from for so long. I have actually smiled with most memories of Holden today. Yes, I have cried. I'll probably always cry when I remember my precious baby; but I was able to smile when I thought of him. It is so wonderful for me to smile. I know he prefers to look down on his Mommy smiling. Motherhood has changed me so much. 40 weeks ago God blessed us with the greatest blessing on earth. Nothing even compares....nothing.
Tisha came today to help me out and relax with us. It was a huge blessing to say the least! I haven't felt physically up to par, so it was extra awesome having her here! I was able to look through the many photos they took of our son. What a blessing it is that they documented his birthday so beautifully. I am in awe...nothing more special in the world to a mommy than that. We also had many sweet visitors today...what a great way to spend the day!


  1. beautiful photos.

    i want you to know that people all over are praying for you and your family. much love and blessing to you all. what a testimony of perfect love and beauty. i pray for Gods mighty peace to surround you. Holden conquered this world.

    love always, in christ, and a fellow mother of a precious baby who made it to heaven before we did. -jamie

  2. my thoughts and prayers are with you and your families. i am sending you two a giant hug!!

    marsha falls

  3. Jamie,
    I am inspired by your blog! Wow...thank you for all of your prayers!
    Your prayers mean so much! Thank you!