Thursday, October 21, 2010


I happen to be apart of the best group of Bunco ladies in the world! :)  Our Bunco group consists of ladies who have been wonderful friends and sisters in Christ to me.  I love these ladies oh so much!!  Talk about friends who are like family!  I greatly look forward to that one Thursday a month that we all get together for a fun evening of girl time.  

This month's theme was "Boo-nco" at Ashley O's house.  We missed Amie, Amber, Ronda and Rebecca, but still had a GREAT time!  

Ashley and her sweet sister Amy went ALL OUT and made it such a fabulous night!!  Look at all the yummy food!  I am really going to have to do a lot better in the spring when it's my turn to host! 
 Me filling my plate....  Of course. :)
 Ashley's precious Ellie and her sister Amy (Thing 1).
 Okay, a little disclaimer...I am WAY into character here.  I look so evil I almost didn't post this.  But Chet deleted all the other photos when I was smiling.  I thought this was the "be in character" photo.  But I really don't know if Cleopatra looked that serious after all.  In fact, I don't even know why I chose that was just one I saw on the costume bag. ;)  Anyways, these ladies are Daphene (cat lady), Lisa (she didn't have time to dress up), Michelle (Flapper), Jaci (adorable Pumpkin Smuggler-with Baby Johnson), me (Cleopatra), Renae (Amy Winehouse), Maria (Vampire), Melanie (Bubblegum under a chair), Julie (Olive Oil), Amy (Thing 1 holding her niece, Ellie, as herself) and Ashley (Thing 2).  What a FUN TIME!
 Ashley and Ellie Grey.

Little did I know a year ago when we started this Bunco group that I would lean on these ladies so much.  Thank you all for being such an important, encouraging part of my life.  I love you!


  1. God bless your soul.

    I just jumped over to your blog from Paige's(

    I, too, lost my firstborn. My son. He was not born still - he was born too early. But the loss is the same and I am just so sorry that you are experiencing it.

    Your Holden is just gorgeous. Beautiful.

    I will be keeping you close to my heart. It is so nice that you have your Bunco ladies - my friends were an integral part of my life as I began to get used to my "new normal."

  2. Sarah, I found you through Paige's blog. I first have to tell you how sorry I am for your loss. I also have to tell you that I am Cheryl Peckham, married to Ryan Peckham who is Chet's uncle Russell's step-son (wow, that's kind of confusing). Russell told us of your loss and I am so deeply sorry! I just wanted to say hello and I love that you have this blog. I look forward to keeping up with the Erwin family.