Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Exercise and other random thoughts

Chet and I have joined the exercise class at our church on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.  I've only gone two evenings and feel utterly beat.  I cannot believe how out of shape I have let myself get...I am SO excited about the possibilities of toning and losing a little weight though.  The pain is good.  Or that is what I keep telling myself as I try to walk, sit, bend over, lift my purse...well everything.  :)  Getting into a hot bathtub to ease the pain, hurts.  "This is worth it Sarah."  "This is worth it Sarah!"  "This is WORTH it Sarah!!"  Yes, I have said that to myself quite a bit.  The two cute ladies who run this thing are a bit too cheery for up-downs, squats and lunges if you ask me.  But I will forgive them if I have lost weight at next month's weigh-in.  ;)  I am very grateful for them doing this for us and being the great motivators they are!  They are passionate...which is exactly what I need while I am working out.

I would've taken a "before" picture of myself, but that crazy thought disappeared as quickly as it entered my mind.  Then I thought a good picture for this post would be one of my tennis shoes or something.  The truth is, my tennis shoes are extremely dusty and dirty and resemble those shoes your mom always made you keep for "outside playtime".  We walk our dogs on a dirt road, so I didn't want people thinking I needed shoe donations.  Hmmmm...guess I won't post a picture this evening.  Maybe in a month or two if I can zip up a pair of jeans I will take a picture. :)

On my heart this evening:
As you know, Chet and I are very, VERY blessed.  When I check my mailbox and find a letter or card, even after 7.5 weeks, I am so encouraged and lifted.  I watched a clip of Steven Curtis Chapman's wife, Mary Beth, speaking on Monday night.  They lost their daughter in a tragic accident, and obviously felt incredible unspeakable pain.  She said that they could physically FEEL the prayers of their friends and family in Christ.  Although our pains are so different, I know what she said is true.  I can physically feel myself being lifted out of the lowest pits.  I cannot EVER say thank you enough to all the people still praying for us.  There have been moments, random moments every day, that I will all of a sudden feel like I can't breathe or move.  It is then that I can feel God's love and peace wrap around me and pull me up.  After 7.5 weeks of anything in my life, I can hardly even remember ANY details, much less the tiniest of details.  I feel like we met Holden just yesterday, and can feel and remember every single detail of his precious life.  This feeling can be so overwhelming.  

I have been touched SO many times I literally couldn't even type out my feelings over the past 7.5 weeks.  Brothers and sisters in Christ from all over the country, who we don't even know, have sent us sweet letters, beautiful cards and simply amazing gifts of love and encouragement.  But this evening I have been given a special gift of love I cannot even describe.  We received a precious hand-written note from a brother in Christ who is praying for us...this brother in Christ does not even own a computer.  He asked a friend to print out our blog pages so that he could read our story.  (Yes, I am crying.)  He is simply praying for and thinking about Chet and Sarah Erwin, people he has never met.  Now if that isn't a picture of Christ's love, then what is?

Well, I better get off my sore behind.  If only writing helped heal sore muscles too.

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