Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I love you


I love you more today than I did 52 days ago.  I did not believe that could even be possible with as much love as I had for you on August 28th.  

My heart has grown in love I did not realize existed, because of what your perfectly planned life has done to me.  The gift of your sweet life has allowed Jesus to work in my heart as only He can.  Jesus has redeemed me and shown me such powerful grace every day.      

Not a second goes by that I am not thankful to be your mommy, sweet, sweet baby.  

Until that most perfect day when I get to kiss your beautiful face again, just know Mommy loves you.


  1. Beautiful words and picture. I am sure you are as thankful as I am to have so many beautiful pictures of our beautiful boys. Thank you for being an inspiration to me.

  2. Yes, the pictures of our sons are wonderful. I am incredibly thankful for them! You're an inspiration to me sweet friend.

  3. I've been praying for you and your husband ever since I found your blog. So sorry for your loss!

  4. Brandi, thank you so very much. Your prayers have lifted us!

  5. Your letter to Holden is beautiful. I feel the same way about our daughter, who we lost on September 7th of this year. There is something treasured in grief. If there is such a thing as being deep in the valley, yet high on the mountain top at the same time, we were there when we welcomed our daughter into this world. God's strength,love, compassion and provision is ever so evident in times like these. It is an honor to be given the gift of a child, even if it is for such a brief moment in time. I am praying for you as you continue on the path God has laid out for you. Your son's life may have been short, but his impact has been great.

  6. Dniemann: I am praying for you. Isn't the way God works just so amazing? Your daughter's life has a perfect purpose as well. Blessings!