Sunday, October 10, 2010

Catching Up

I am a bit behind on pics, so I'll post some from the last two weekends.  Chet wanted to Photoshop these, but I am impatient, as usual, and just wanted to post them anyways.  I also posted Kayson's birthday pictures first and Ruidoso pictures last, so they are not in order.  But you get the idea, right?


Robot-themed goody boxes.
 Cupcakes (the several I had were all yummy)!
 The birthday boy!!
 Par usual, my sister can't just do cupcakes OR cake.  She does both.  She's just that way.  I am glad one of us got the Betty Crocker genes.   Scott actually did the decorating is what I heard.  I think it's the cutest robot cake I've ever seen...and eaten. 
 Some of the kiddos enjoying sweets and treats.
 Helping Kayson open his "Machine Oil" (aka kool-aid).
 I don't believe a party is complete without six-shooter radios.  
 Or bubba teeth.
 Definitely isn't much of a party without bubbles
 ...and hotdogs!
Blowing out the candles.  Or pretend blowing them out.  (The wind helped us a lot that day.)  I told Kayson, "I guess we brought the wind from West Texas."  He gave me a funny look that said something like, "Auntie Sarah is clearly mistaken!" and then verbally said, "God brought the wind Auntie Sarah."  So I learned. :)  He rolled his eyes as he walked away.  Auntie Sarah seriously didn't know that?  lol...


 My precious sister and her angel.  
 Um if this doesn't just melt your heart, then what would?  My little Cohen.'s typical for me to post pics out of order.  At least you're used that that! :)
 And now....


We took a hike.  God's splendor and majesty was absolutely breathtaking.  The altitude was literally breath taking.  We almost died.  We realized we were grossly out of shape.  End of story.
 Clear, crisp, cool Ruidoso air is amazing.  Scenery like this makes me realize how artistic my Creator is. Just another quality to our Savior that makes me feel so blessed.  
 Random couple in love.  We just thought they were cute.  Good thing they don't know some weirdoes like us were taking their picture. lol ;)  
 Trees.  Sigh.  I do miss living near trees.

 This bull elk was neat to see!
 So the deer in Ruidoso are extremely friendly.  They basically let us walk right up to them.  I am not against hunting in any way, but days like these make me happy my husband was too broke in college to get into hunting.  I'm glad he was okay with only camera "shooting" them.  They are so cute!
 What is it about babies of anything that just makes us go, "Awe!"

I am a huge chile fan, so we couldn't leave New Mexico without a shot of some chilies!  And now I am doubting the correct spelling of chilies...chiles...chillies?  I don't know?  It's saying all of these are correct words?  This is when spell check isn't much of a help.
And....a little iPhone self-portrait of the new bangs I so bravely got.  :)

These past two weekends have been great, fun and full of blessings.  But I am glad to be back home with my honey though.  There's really no place like home.

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