Thursday, October 14, 2010

God's promises

...are new each and every morning!!

This morning's sunrise was breathtaking.  I was late for work because of this beauty.  I had to stop several times to just marvel and stare.  (Note: it didn't dawn on me to take a picture while I was I have a bit of a blurry, buggy-window, iPhone photo to share.)

Happy 1st birthday to a beautiful little girl named Callyn Joy today.  She is the second child of a sweet family we have met, a perfect little girl, a rainbow baby... and proof that God's blessings are so perfect and abundant!! 

God's promises are new each and every day.  Regardless of what we are going through...He does turn our darkness into light.  Life will be brighter than noonday, and darkness will become like morning. Job 11:17


  1. Hi Sarah! I first "met" you on where I was with you in the September birth club. I have never stopped thinking about you and your family - and especially precious Holden. My husband and I welcomed our son to the world on September 18th and moments after his birth, you guys popped into my head again. I wanted to say once again, what a true inspiration you are to me. Your strength is so incredible and I can only hope to have the type of relationship with Christ that you do. I have just created my own blog today, so feel free to either catch me on there, or you can email me:

    With love & prayers,

    Laverne Roos Shirey

  2. Sarah,
    Thanks for mentioning my sweet girl. Proof not only that God's blessings are perfect and abundant but that his plan is perfect too and not always our own. SO looking forward to tomorrow!

  3. I wrote Baby Holden's name a balloon today during our Balloon release. Think of you today and everyday.